Friday, September 24, 2010

Mac Venomous Villains

MAC Venomous Villains
On September 30th Mac's new collection "Venomous Villains" will be coming out!
I am so.... excited for this collection, it's not even funny!

Throughout the blogging community SO many people have pre-ordered their MAC goodies and I am super jealous.
I know that Bloomingdales and Nordstrom will be having a pre-sale online soon, however I am not sure of the exact dates. I haven't been able to run to the mall or else I would have pre-ordered there already!
I am hoping to go look at the MAC store this weekend so that I can do some swatches and really decide what I want from the collection. (Online photos sometimes appear so much different from what it looks like in person)
If I do decide to purchase items I will be sure to post a haul on here as soon as I get them!
Though I am not too fond of the packaging (I would much prefer the generic, MAC packaging), some of the products look so gorgeous that I just may not be able to pass them up!

Are you all excited for the upcoming collection to come out?
I have posted some photos below that I have seen on of the pre-released photos as well as some swatches of the actual makeup.
This collection includes the following "villains:" 1) Malificent, 2) Cruela de Vile, 3)
 Evil Queen & 4) Dr. Facilier
MAC Venomous Villains

Malificent: the polishes are gorgeous and I heard they have already began to sell-out during the pre-sale
MAC Venomous Villains - Maleficent

Cruella de Vile: I want the Heartless lipstick SO bad! Such a perfect red!
MAC Venomous Villains - Cruella

Evil Queen: This is the part of the collection that looks most appealing to me: the packaging, the colors and the overall aesthetic. I LOVE the purple eyeshadows, especially since the purple smokey eye is said to be "in" for the upcoming fall season
MAC Venomous Villains - Evil Queen

Dr. Facilier: This is the least appealing part of the collection to me. The pigments look nice however I am not too into pigments. If I were maybe I would be more excited for them.
MAC Venomous Villains - Dr. Facilier

Hope you enjoyed and are able to get a hold of all of the products you want to get--

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