Monday, October 25, 2010

Drugstore Haul!!

So this is my very first official haul! Often I may purchase items and want to make a haul for you all, however my busy schedule does not always permit me to organize the items, take pictures, etc.
I will definitely try to become better because I don't know about you, but I LOVE to look at people's hauls :)

I had to quickly stop at the drugstore to pick up some items for halloween. Also, I was going to a movie with a friend so I wanted to pick up some candy because at the theater it is marked up like %500!

For my halloween costume I needed red lipstick (I won't have time to stop at Nordstrom and I wanted to see if this drugstore, halloween brand would work! Hey, why spend more if you can find it for less and it works just the same- we will see about the latter though!)
Also, I picked up some red polish for my costume and while I was checking out found the sparkly silver glitter polish! PERFECT!! Especially for glitter polishes (I use it as a top coat over a colored coat) I don't think that it really matters what brand it is! I will let you know and be sure to update you all with pictures!

I am currently getting ready for class, but am listening to Beyonce: If I Were a Boy Remix (with R. Kelly)
I went out one night with some friends and the boyfriend and the host kept playing this song in his car!
I LOVE it--if you listen to the lyrics, it is playing off stereotypes, but I know that I can definitely relate to most parts, whether now or in the past! PLUS the remix is both from the girl AND guy perspective. I think some guys could learn a little from this song ;)
Check it out and enjoy! :)

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