Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eyeshadow Primer

Ever since I can remember, I have worn eyeshadow! In middle school I remember girls would tease me because I would highlight my brow bone and my inner eyes to make them appear larger and more awake. Obviously, I was a step ahead of the game at that point, because those same girls in high school were doing the exact same thing!
Because I have always worn eyeshadow, I feel as if I have near perfected my routine. I am a big MAC eyeshadow snob I must admit, but more and more recently I have started to branch out to brands that I find are just as pigmented and of superior quality, such as Urban Decay!
However, eyeshadow is not the purpose of this post, primer is!

More and more than I read blogs, the more I hear about "holy grail" items and items that most, if not all beauty gurus simply LOVE-
One of them is with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer.
I must admit that when I purchased my first UD eyeshadow palette, I was extra thrilled because a free mini size of the primer came with.
HOWEVER, then came the time to actually try it. Now, I am not saying this is not a good primer, because I really haven't tried too many to compare it with. BUT, what I can tell you is that there is something out there that is much better!
This comes to MY "holy grail" product, and after running out of it this past week (this is when I tried the UD primer), I realize that this will also become the first product in my stash that I will make sure I always have a back-up of, therefore insuring I always have another when I run out. THAT is how important it is to me :)

Now.. to the product: a MAC Paintpot
Yes! This is the item that I swear by. Not only does it keep my eyeshadow on all day (the color even remains vivid, as if it were freshly applied), but this product also helps cover any discoloration and even eyebrow stragglers that may be hangin' out until you get them waxed/plucked. You will see a demo of this below:

I did not take these photos, I found them on, however these pictures do the product complete justice! I prefer to purchase the product in the color painterly, and this is that color in these photos. I find that this color blends better with my skin tone AND doesn't lead the color of eyeshadow I am applying to be much different than what it appears in the pan.
Also, this model has a bit darker skin tone than I do, and it works SO well on her as well. Notice how the first photo she is applying the paintpot up to her brow. This keeps your highlighting color on ALL DAY (this is the biggest feature I noticed that was different than with the UD primer, which at the end of the day led the highlighting color to barely be there). Also, the paintpot is a thicker formula so it helps to disguise any stray eyebrow hairs! AMAZING!
This model actually applied UD primer underneath the paintpot, however I have never tried this and without the UD primer it works just fine!

I hope that this post inspired you to try a paintpot sometime, just to see how you like it.
I am not paid by MAC or anything (though that would be cool :D, I simply just wanted to share my love for this product with you!)

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  1. I know of MUJI, they have one in NYC. My first visit was the one in Taiwan. The clear cube is much larger, and more of an art piece :) I'm buying the brand. I like to support the original