Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I was browsing on today and found these lovely heels:

I instantly started thinking about what adorable outfits I could pair these with and how stylish they are.

However, I normally don't wear heels, especially when they are this high. I am already pretty tall and I have a really bad back that gets really tweeked out of shape when I wear high heeled shoes.
This is why, my heart got more happy when I was continuing to look through the website and found these:
These ones come only in black right now on the website (as far as I can see), though they are so cute in this color and I would probably prefer them in black anyway.
Fur is really in, and this soft hair looks so soft and pretty! (It says the fur is rabbit :l I have no idea if in the process the rabbit is killed for their fur, but because it is real fur (like most high end things are real fur, leather,etc.) I probably won't purchase these :l)

(also, if you are interested in either pair of shoes, they are Jeffrey Campbell and can be found on the Nordstrom website)

What do you think of these shoes!? Would you wear either pair?


  1. Oh gosh, i love all those, i would def wanna have them all! i totally love shoes!

  2. Liking the flats :)

  3. i love both pairs! until i read about the rabbit fur! :[ I am a huge advocate on no fur..i think its because i own to bunnies :]. I do love them though they are gorgeous! If you are crafty it could be a good diy project. :]

    p.s. thank you so much for the blog comment! i am glad you liked my blog!


  4. Love a little fur but only fake xx