Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey Everyone! I know, I know, I have been pretty MIA this week and all of a sudden I am updating my blog like a mad-man, (I guess this is just the SECOND post) :)
However, I have literally been SO busy with school :l Now that it is finally friday I am able to relax a little bit and update my blog a bit!

Alright, so regarding this lovely palette below: I will admit, when I first hear all of the hype, as a new beauty blogger I wanted this palette because it looked somewhat appealing and I thought it would be a great "must-have" popular product.
However, after viewing tons of swatches, hearing all of the genuine rave, and discovering my everyday look is really just neutrals, I NEED this palette.
I know I can wait until who knows when until the huge shipment Sephora, Urban Decay, and stores alike are supposedly going to be receiving. I also know that this palette is going to be in the UD permanent collection. Also, I have looked on eBay realizing I could pay 200% the original cost and therefore get my hands on this product! (so crazy, though great for the seller I suppose)
However, I simply would LOVE if you all could help me.
Do any of you know of a particular Sephora/ store (location) that currently has this palette in stock!?
I have seen numerous bloggers everyday saying they just purchased this palette [though when I call my Downtown they say they are sold-out nation-wide : (  ]
This is why I need your help!
If any of you know somewhere I can get this palette, other than the eBay, PLEASE let me know :)
Thank you all SO much, I appreciate you all for reading (I don't really know how many people DO see this)
But I will remain optimistic and hope I can enlighten someone ;)


  1. I am heading to the mall tomorrow and I will look at the one here! :) I'm in Canada so maybe I will have some luck! Looks AWESOME! I wear neutrals too. I have dark hair and blue eyes and my eyes pop when I use browns.

  2. I hope you do have luck! I have blue eyes too and this palette is amazing for it it seems! :)

  3. dang! :( I hope they release more soon!

  4. You probably already know this..but if you sign up for the product alert on you'll probably get pulled for it. I did a few weeks ago, but unfortunately my internet was out and your Naked Palette is only reserved for 48 hours when they email you.. so needless to say..I missed my opportunity. UD did mention it'll be in "permanent" stock by January-Feburary. If you can hold it a little longer, you can get it at the 44 value rather than the over priced value people are selling it. x.x I want one too.

  5. ah thanks Selena! I just signed up for the email list, I hope they email me soon! haha.
    I am definitely going to hold out because I'd rather spend less and wait longer, then the other way around, for sure! haha :)