Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nars Holiday Collection 2010: Now Available

I am still learning the ins & outs of this collection, however I do know that currently all items are available to buy on the Nars website. Also, it is currently on sale at Sephora! Hello 20% off :)

On my wish list:
-Sex Appeal Blush (already causing a stir because Nars is NOT known for it's lighter, non sparkly blushers)
-Little Darling (this nude beige lipstick is EXACTLY what I have been looking for)
-The Purple Duo & Gold Single Eyeshadows are GORGEOUS! I have similiar colors in other brands, however these may be too beautiful to pass up :)
-I LOVE the nail polish colors and they are definitely "in" for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, however
for $17.00 a pop, I will definitely be looking for some dupes :)
If you find any, I would love to know :)

Are you guys loving this collection like me? Will you be picking anything up, and if so, what!?

nars holiday 2010 swatches review photos all


  1. Love the blog!!!! But when are you gonna talk about politics???


  2. Wow, the lipsticks look great!

    So in the uk, you leave high school at 16, go to college to do a levels until youre 18, and then go to university to do a degree (usually 3 years) it is basically the same as a us college, my brother is currently in the uk at college doing his a levels, then he will have to sit a sat test then he will be going to uni/college in the states :) hope that helped xx

  3. 20%off?? I'm going to check it out right now. Thanks for the heads up!


  4. Beautiful collection!

  5. Tabitha-that makes more sense now that it is explained, thanks so much!

    Jennifer-I am definitely going to address this in a post. I love politics and keep up with issues daily, however I want the posts to be thorough and it is so much harder to discuss politics because it takes so much longer. This time is hard to come by being a full-time college student :( I will definitely start soon though, and when I do I am sure it will be consistent :) Thanks for the push because it was much needed!