Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love packages..

So I love online shopping! Whether I am just browsing, or actually making a purchase, it is one of my favorite things to do in my free-computer time haha
Anytime I actually go into a store, I always think, "I wish I was just online shopping instead" -- I really don't buy a lot, so when I do, I want to make sure what I get is perfect.
The one thing I like about going into a store is when shopping for clothes-- that way you can get the right size and make sure it looks nice on (let's face it, something can look great on the hanger and hideous on, and vice versa)

So I placed an order online and anxiously awaited the box..

My three samples-- yet to try

Sephora included this lovely "Best Sellers" pamphlet-- it was great! I now have many things on my wish list, haha


2 eyeshadow duos and a lipgloss:

"Cheyanne" on the left & "Wicked" on the right

"Wicked" is a lovely light yellow/green. I am not completely sure what I will use this color for yet, but it is unique. The color on the left, is a lovely white color. I LOVE it! It is going to be an amazing highlighter.

"Cheyanne" really surprised me! On the surface, both the colors look like they would come off exactly how they appear in the pan. However, the orange color on the left comes off less orange and more neutral. Don't get me wrong, it is definitely orange. However, it will act as a great color to mix with a brown-ish eyeshadow to really open-up and make my blue eyes stand out. The color on the right is what I was most impressed with! It appears completely burgandy in the pan and I was a little worried once I ordered it that I already have a MAC color nearly identical. Nope! This color comes off a rustic burgandy/ brown-- it shows a little on my finger, and I LOVE it! I will definitely have to do some EOTD's for you all! 

"All night long" is an amazing color! I didn't know if this would be too dark, however once applied, it is sheer and adds just a bit of color to my lips. It is a nice everyday color that is not too much, though not too little- it is a "I tried, but not too hard" kind of look! haha

Do you like NARS? If so, what are some of your favorite NARS products!?


  1. I LOVE Nars! Especially their lipsticks/lip glosses! The recent one I started loving is the lipgloss called Dolce Vite :) It's really pretty! And I kind of consider it to be an occasional gloss b/c it is a little darker than what I would wear daily :p All Night Long is such a pretty color!! :) And the e/s are so pretty!! I love the unique colors!

  2. I've never used Nars products before, but that lip color might change my mind!

  3. I just got Cheyenne and Wicked since they were on sale :)

  4. Love NARS...Love the St. Barts Multiple and ALL the lip glosses!

  5. LOVE Nars, and LOVE Sephora. I am addicted to that store and website!

    My fav Nars product is their primer. It makes the finished look of my makeup look amazing.