Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm a Sucker for Cute Packaging..

Well I don't know about you, but I am a sucker for packaging.
I'm also a sucker for great deals, coupons, whatever it is! I always say that I am the ultimate person to market to because I fall for it every time.

For this reason, I wanted to post some cosmetic items that I have considered buying simply for the cute packaging. Yes, I may like the product inside as well, but if not for the packaging, I honestly might have never taken a second look at these items.

How about you all, do you fall for the packaging?
& if any of you have used these items and want to tell me how the actual product is, please comment me below :)

I actually own this palette! I love it! I really wanted to try Urban Decay eyeshadow and when I found this palette, I fell in love! I LOVE animals and this palette is animal-friendly/vegan-all products are made without animal testing or with ANY products made from animals. I am a complete advocate against testing cosmetics on animals, or hurting them to make make-up!
Not only is this palette super cute, along with the rest of UD's packaging I must say, it is for a great cause!
Urban Decay Vegan Palette 1 Urban Decay Fall Collection 2010: Urban Decay Vegan Palette
Urban Decay Vegan Palette 5 Urban Decay Fall Collection 2010: Urban Decay Vegan Palette

This palette sat in my shopping cart for months! I kept debating whether I should purchase this product simply because I LOVED the packaging. I have never tried Josie Maran products, but once again, it is all natural and animal friendly, and I have heard GREAT things.
After re-viewing these pictures, I may have to purchase-eek!

following images from Sephora--
Boi-ingStay Put Set ($35 Value)
Benefit products: I love things that have cute phrases!
Leopard Love Complexion Perfection KitPink Leopard Bronzing Powder
Too Faced leopard!!!!!!!!!

Eye Dream HypershadowStarchild Odyssey Palette
Tarina Tarantino: light pink is the main color in the collection- that is how you KNOW it is going to be good :)

From Urban Outfitters beauty:
Paul and Joe! They have one of the cutest make-up lines in my opinion--

Look how pretty! The packaging, the actual make-up and YES, that is a cat lipstick! I would buy it, however the mere fact that it is so cute shaped like that would lead me to never use it!

& Finally from Sephora and what I think is the biggest marketing scheme amongst cosmetic/beauty products: cute bottles for perfume-- (all from
Viva La JuicyDaisyLola Marc JacobsPrincess


  1. great post! remember the venomous villains packaging? lol too funny.

    i have the juicy discount card that you can use in-store if you want it! :)

  2. Cute packaging gets me every single time! Great post. :)

  3. I'm a sucker for packaging too, thinking that's why I love Benefit make-up so much!

  4. I love Paul & Joe packaging... so classy. Japanese brands also have super cute "princess-y" packaging - you should check out Lavshuca!