Sunday, November 14, 2010

MAC Haulage & MAC Zoom Mascara Review

This past week I received a package in the mail....

 Lookie what is inside!

Oh yes! 3 MAC Zoom lash mascaras! Not 1, not 2, but 3!! Normally I wouldn't buy this many at once, but the other day, for one day only, Nordstrom had a buy 2, get 1 mascara free! Online the selection was much more limited, but if you went in-store most (if not all) mascaras were eligible for this deal. I would have informed you all about this great deal, however by the time I got the email and placed my order, it was really late :l
So most people dislike MAC mascaras-- and from personal experience, for the heftier price than say, a drugstore, they weren't that great! That is why, though I have been using MAC for years, I haven't bought a mascara from them for quite some time. However, when I went to get my make-up done for the Venomous Villains promotion event, they were re-promoting this product, and I instantly fell in love♥

Naturally, I have longer lashes, however I am always craving volume! With only one coat, I get a long, voluminzed look, however this is with 2+ coats (I was going out for the night) and I felt like I was wearing falsies!
I have been wanting to try the YSL Faux Cils mascara or the Diorshow black mascara, however with half the cost and a great result- I thought I would try this instead! I am really glad I did!

The product I got is actually MAC ZOOM fast LASH, which is a darker black and newer version of the ZOOM LASH-- I am liking it so far! The one thing I forgot about MAC mascaras is the alcohol-like, overwhelming smell, however once on it doesn't smell and makes my lashes look amazing if I do say so myself ;)

With buy 2, get 1 free at $14.00 each, each one came out to be $9.33 + tax (which in Washington state is the HIGHEST ever)
Good deal!! Looks like my "back-up" drawer is getting bigger by the minute.
I know that mascara is only good for a certain amount of time, however if it is unopened, it will last longer AND my lashes are pretty long so I go through it pretty quickly.

What kind of mascara do you like to use?


  1. Love your blog!! I hope you will visit or follow mine:)

    ps. I love using a Lancôme mascara.

  2. Wow! It makes your eyes look fantastic!! Need to try them now! xoxoxoxo

  3. Your lashes look great!

  4. dang girl so many mascaras!!! :) Glad you took advantage o the buy 2, get 1!

  5. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment : ) I am here to deliver what you have asked for ;)

    If you get it let me know and take pics so that I can see it haha it's not back either the pricing.

  6. whoops! I meant to say 'It's not bad*** either (pricing)"

  7. actually my fave to use is mac also! xxxxxx

  8. yay for new mascara! :)

    those sweaters were from my own closet. and it HAS been forever since we've gone shopping!

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  9. ahh lucky girl.
    looks like amazing mascara.
    i love mac mascara.

  10. Oh, how much I love receiving packages :-) Great review.

    Happy Monday, cheers: Evi