Thursday, November 25, 2010

Skincare HELP!!

Getting more interested in make-up/beauty has led me to also get into skincare. Currently, I am using Clarins skincare regime.

However, I do not really like it. I have a very oily t-zone/chin area, and then the rest of my face is pretty dry/combination.
If I could pick one problem with my skin, it would be black heads/ large pores! I cannot stand it.

This is why I need your help!

What I am looking to buy:
-a cleanser
-a toner
-a moisturizer
-a facial mask to use several times in the week

Here are some of the products I have heard good things about, are they??
Skincare BrushHope in a JarPurity Made SimpleGentle Daily WashWrinkle Revenge 1 Facial CleanserBrightening Cleanser

I have heard mix reviews on Clinique, and also I am looking to stay in the same line (I heard mixing and matching can be bad)
Also, I have been and am still a little bit, an avid tanner. I am in my 20s and therefore think I need to use a serum/ anti-aging product as well??

Please let me know what you think I should use, what I should avoid using, etc.


  1. there is no huge difference in what products you use, it's all about a healthy diet and something that does not irritate your skin - dont smoke, dont drink excessively, stay out of the sun.
    simples :)

  2. don't waste your money on purity. i heard that it works the same as cetaphil. so as long as you have a face makeup remover, cetaphil is the way to go!

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  4. I have the clarisonic on my Christmas list! I really like Purity and it doesn't sting my eyes so it is good to use to take off eye makeup too (I've never used cetaphil though...). Philosophy also has an amazing scrub called Microdelivery. Wrinkle Revenge is awesome and I use that too. I have skin very similar to yours - oil/combo and blackheads are my biggest issue because I have large pores. I know it sounds weird but Josie Maran Argan Oil is really nice to use at night (I know, weird, oil on oily skin..) but I only use a few drops and it is really nice. For a mask, I really like Fresh Umbrian Clay bar. Oh and Hope in a Jar was ok...I found it made my face look really greasy and had a funny smell. I would only use it at nigh but I never bought it a second time. I like Clinique Dramatically Different Gel. Haha, I am a big mixer of products...

  5. ive also heard bad things about purity - apparently it is not worth it! i'd say go for one of the more well know cheaper brands first, and sticking with the same brand is always a good idea - usually the products work together. clearasil, neutrogena and clarins are all good quality brands. i use clarins myself. i have a friend who swears by neutrogena though! great post, i enjoyed reading the other comments to see what other people thought! drop by to my blog and say hi! :

  6. Use cetaphil hun. . I have the same problem before. Then i switch to this product. It helps.. Btw, a new follower. Take a look at my blog also;)

  7. unfortunately i dont use any products like this.
    but the ones you showed look amazing.

  8. I swear by Neutrogena! It is actually ok to mix products tho because different products address different problems with your face and like a comment said before it all depends on how your skin reacts. I used to use all products from the same line, but at times I found it worked best when I switched products up. For scrub I wouldn't do it several times a week maybe only three times a week to not overly aggravate the skin, which will cause more oil in the end. Just cause it's a name brand doesn't mean it will work. It takes a lot of trial and error (trust me!) but once you find something it'll stick. Right now ha I actually just switched back into all Neutrogena products adding toner to my mix. Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser (takes off all your makeup), then Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner (this was newly added to my routine but works like a charm for my pores so maybe this might help you), and at last i use Neutrogena moisturizer (no oil made for sensitive skin). I have the same T zone problem, and also go to a dermatologist but after years of different products I have learned a lot. Hope this helps!

  9. Hi! I've also heard good things about cytaphil and am planing on switching... apparently cleansing gels are the most gentle and therefore the way to go. I was having problems with dry, dull skin at the onset of winter. I tried a product with retinol that made my face burn and flake... not pretty. Now I'm using neostrata... you can check it out in my November Favourites post on The Spring. I really recommend it as a soothing night cream. Simple, I think, really is best!
    Hope this is helpful!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  10. Hello my dear!!
    Just found your blog.
    I would recommend you simplyfying your skincare routine and go for oil-free and non-comedogenic products always.
    Besides, a extreme removal of makeup at night is also required.
    I have similar problems as you so I am also looking for the perfect products!!
    New follower here!