Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland or Cold, Icy Snow!!

I am SO sorry for the lack of posts lately-- I always want to make sure I put a lot of thought and effort into my posts, and lately, I have just not had the time!
University work is really kicking my butt and I must attend to my studies first and foremost. However, Seattle is having a lovely snow storm (and when I say snow storm, I mean less than 2 inches!) Seattle is a great city, but when snow hit everyone jumps for joy and classes are cancelled. We hardly ever get snow so when we do, the city is not properly equipped to deal with it and things are hectic. (in 2008 there was actually LOTS of snow and people were locked in their houses for dayyyyz, when they would venture out, cars were sliding all over the place and it was a mess -- I would include some photos below)
However, I am not complaining that one of my classes and papers got postponed until after Thanksgiving :)
I decided to give my blog some attention in light of this great news and extra time!

& I will leave you with some pictures of Seattle snow as well as the 2008 snowstorm,--

picture from:

picture from:

picture from: here
p.s. watch out for posts everyday this upcoming week because I will be on break for several days♥

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