Monday, December 6, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Over the weekend I got a mani/pedi and had been inspired to choose a light pinkish-purplish nail polish.
I decided on this baby pink color
Normally I ALWAYS look to see the title of the color I have on, however after pondering several different pinks, I chose this one and it slipped my mind.
All I know is that this is a China Glaze polish that I will definitely be searching for to find the name

I always tend to gravitate towards pinks as a go-to color. It is girly and my favorite color.
A "do-know-wrong" in my book. :)
However, I have never really chosen baby pinks..until now!
This has definitely become one of my instant go-to favorites!!

What about you- Do you have a go-to color when painting your nails!?


  1. That's a fantastic color! My go to always changes by the season, but right now it's Chinchilly by Essie. It's the perfect shade of greyish beige and looks great with everything!


  2. I love the color and the shape of your nails...when it comes to nail colors, pale pink is my favorite shade...

    Happy December, cheers: Evi

  3. So pretty! I usually go for a taupe color for pedis and my nails are usually bare but that light pink is perfect for nails!

  4. I love the pink you picked out! Where do you go to get your nails done?

    Also THANK YOU so much for the info on Pinkberry @ Capitol Hill! I am always on Broadway on Sunday. We always go for pho at Pho Cyclo :D

    It's our all time fav. :D :D :D

    I'm always looking for a new place to get a pedicure. I've tried 5-6 places and I have yet to find a fav place!

  5. Love the baby pink on you. :) I am more of a corals/red girl myself.


  6. so pretty! You painted it so nice! I like the color, but I also like mocca, nude or navy blue.


  7. thats the perfect shade of pink!

    d e g a i n e

  8. I usually go for red. :o)


  9. So pretty!! I've been getting my nails done french in Shallaque lately. It's a jel overlay and doesn't ruin your nails like fake ones do. They last for 3 weeks! It's awesome (: But for Christmas I'll do red (:

  10. Gorgeous color! My go-to color for my toes is a deep gray. For my fingers: clear! I forget to fix them until they've completely chipped off otherwise!