Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sex And The City II

So SATC 2 came to theaters what seems like ages ago.
However, I was just watching the movie this past weekend while I was home and instantly became smitten with all of the clothing! (well most of it at least ;) )
Regardless of whether you enjoy high, trendy fashion (which most of the characters wear) or are into casual, and sometimes trendy clothes (such as I am), it is always fun to find "dupes" or similiar finds to key pieces of a film.
For this reason, while I was watching SATC 2, I became attracted to this dress that Carrie is wearing in one of the beginning scenes of the movie:
James Devaney/
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Initially, I didn't know if I loved this dress. However, after staring out it for a bit, I realized that this is a gorgeous, trendy piece that would look great in the summer (oh and do I miss summer!)

Later in the film, Carrie is seen wearing a similiar, yet longer dress hear:

Though I am not too into bright orange, and I much prefer the blue, sparkly and shorter dress, this is just another emphasis of the trend in this film.
Both dresses are by the brand Halston Heritage.

 Here comes the "dupes."
As I was browsing the Nordstrom website today, I ran across these two lovely pieces:

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Though these are not the bright and beautiful colors as seen in SATC 2, they are comparable "dupes" that encompass the pleated trend.

I definitely will consider picking one of these up to spread the SATC 2 fashion love.
At $44.00 compared to the HH $400 on up retail price tag, I definitely think it would be a great deal!


  1. The dresses look soo feminine. I really like them, especially the ones you found online because I don't think I would be able to pull off bright orange or sparkly sheer purple!

  2. Those are adorable and would make lovely basics for any closet.

    BTW I'm hosting a giveaway:

  3. i didn't love the second film, but i do agree that i loved the fashion!
    very good look alike!