Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion: People's Choice Awards

As some of you may or may not know (especially if you reside in a country other than America), the annual People's Choice Awards was on earlier this week.
I tuned in and saw several great, adorable dresses and outfits worn by the stars.
This was the first award show of the year and season, so there will only be more dresses and gowns to come in the near future, and I will be sure to highlight my favorites throughout the season!!
Did you watch any of the People's Choice Awards?
What do you think of the looks? Which is your favorite!?
Emma Roberts - Dior
One word-stunning! Without sounding like an oxymoron, this dress is extravagant yet simple--
The PCA are just the beginning of the award season, therefore outfits are typically more chic and simple, than the more glamorous and extravagant gowns you may see at shows such as the Oscars. I think that Emma does amazingly-well choosing this outfit for the occasion and her shows truly break-up the look and add a final, special touch.

Mila Kunis - J. Mendel
Mila looks amazing! Then again, when does she not!? This dress is simply simple, however it looks so fab. on Mila that it looks amazing. Some critics are calling this a Forever 21 dress (which in their eyes is too simple and cheap-looking) however, who really has a problem with F21!? I know I don't! I think her look is anything BUT cheap and tacky--I think it is lovely!!


Pauley Perrette - Terri King
Pauley is one of my favorite actresses (NCIS) and this dress can help explain why I think her personality is amazing as well: she co-designed this dress to advertise her anti-bullying campaign "No H8." I think she looks great and though sometimes dresses that are meant to advertise/ have pictures pasted on them can look a little.. informal and not as nice, I think Pauley did a wonderful job with this look!

Lisa Edelstein - Farah Angsana
This dress is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! I think the colors of this dress are amazing on Lisa and I love that her shoes are both grey and black: just like her dress! :) She looks so pretty and her hair and make-up only add to this fabulous look!

Kourtney, Khloe, & Kim Kardashian - Gert-Johan Coetzee, Alexander McQueen, & Malandrino
I would have just posted Kourtney's dress (far left), however for you all, I thought you may want to see the other Kardashian sisters :) Kourtney's look is adorable in my eyes! I love this style of a dress and the design is not simple, though not too busy: it is near perfection :) Although it is not my favorite of the night, it is very close! A definite stand-out in my opinion.

Katy Perry - Betsey Johnson

So pretty! Katy always wears bright colors and unique pieces, hardly disappointing with this dress! I am extra ecstatic because it is Betsey Johnson: a lovely designer that many younger girls can afford and wear! Although I would have loved this look more if she matched her shoes (hot pink) with her lovely gown (purple and blue, even a neutral or metallic shoes). This dress fit Katy's personality and style and I really enjoyed this look! (her date also had a purple and blue tie that matched identically to her dress and had the sheen to it--fabulous :D)


Taylor Swift - J. Mendel
Beautiful! This is a dress where the pictures do not show the extraordinary design and loveliness. When I first saw Taylor in the audience, I gasped! On the side of the dress, it looked as if the pink fabric barely covered her chest on the side-- I thought, "this is definitely different than her normal, conservative though cute style." However, when she walked on stage I noticed the siding, top, and back of the dress was a nude material that simply appeared as if it was her skin, though it was really fabric!! I should have never doubted Taylor! haha. I love this look and tied together with her shoes and lovely up-do, she looks great!

Ashley Tisdale - Farah Angsana

This look ties as my favorite. Although it is a long gown, in a more casual setting, the pattern and cut make it simply spectacular for the event! I love how she did her hair, nails, make-up and added accessories: all to finish-up the look! I also just love Ashley Tisdale!

Cat Deeley - Retro tea-length gown
I absolutely think she looks incredible! I love the black and sequins because although it is an ankle-length dress, the pattern and color makes it very modern and beautiful.


Selena Gomez - Paule Ka
I think that Selena looks absolutely fabulous!! I think that this dress could have definitely went wrong on many different women and shapes, including my own; however, Selena simply looks amazing. The pale pink against her beautiful skin-tone, pretty hairstyle, and lovely make-up looks fab!! She has definitely shown her adult age (now 18), with a mature, yet girly look!

Kristen Stewart - Reem Acra
My favorite look of the night!! This picture absolutely does this dress no justice in my opinion either. On the television, it looks far more shiny and stunning! Although she is showin' off lots of leg, heck, if I had lovely legs like that I would too! :) I absolutely have nothing else to say about this dress because it looks fabulous!! A perfect 10!!

What is your favorite look?


  1. IAgree with you about Kristens dress. My least favorite look is Ashley Tisdale

  2. Everyone seemed to look great that night! Love Kristen Stewarts dress...and her legs...what I would give to have her legs!

    Mila Kunis and Taylor Swift were other simple glam favs.

    And I have to admit I loved Katy Perry's dress! Her style is so fun and she can pull of anything. The dress was adorable!