Saturday, January 29, 2011

Polyvore Outfit Inspiration

So I am getting excited because though my blog tends to go unattended during the weekdays (sorry! :l) each Tuesday and Thursday I get the pleasure of having a class with several girls that dress fantastic!! One girl in particular, ALWAYS wears the cutest sweaters. I will be posting about those later.. However, though the girls in my class dress beautifully, I have discovered a new eagerness to enter the building where I have my class because other girls too, dress so nice! Like I have said before--at my school I feel like I often don't relate to many of girls' fashion choice; however last week one girl was walking by and had a very similiar outfit to this one:

To elaborate on this outfit a little more, she was wearing a black sweater, such as the one above. She was also wearing black, lace tights with knee high black socks over them! This is a combo. I would have never thought of, but let's face it, it's adorable!! (in my opinion at least ;D) She was wearing a simply black flat (which I really liked because this is my preferred shoe!). Also, with her black sweater- she had a pretty infinity scarf! I paired this outfit with a cheetah/leopard infinity scarf that had some black in it, however I am simply blanking on the design of hers! Even if you do not own an infinity scarf: a trick to use to create one is by taking a regular scarf, taking the two ends and then a hair tie/ elastic. You then tie the two ends together (in a small bow) and when you wear it, make sure to keep this side at the nape of your neck. Also, wrap the scarf around your neck twice, and the second wrap-around will cover up the back also :)
I hope that made sense!
Oh, and lastly this stylish girl had light, denim shorts! I have mixed feelings about denim shorts + tights, however the sweater was long enough for the shorts to peek out only a tad--
I basically have this outfit except for the shorts--so maybe if I find a pair I will be able to recreate this look!
I will keep you all updated :)
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!


p.s. I used this amazing site called Polyvore to create the image above. If you haven't checked it out before- I definitely would because it is free and the database of clothing is practically infinite! It is great for recreating looks and arranging them like this :)


  1. Love this outfit...and I love using other peoples outfits to inspire some of my own too!

  2. i like this outfit too. very cute and simple

  3. Love the outfit and love your blog! Very cute! :)

  4. I love the addition of the leopard scarf. The knee socks are super cute too :)

  5. I always wear stuff like this, i love it!

  6. That outfit is so inspiring , I totally love that

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