Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Know.. & Help me pick my Outfit!!

I know, I know! I have been MIA for quite some time .. :l  :( I have been SO busy with school and scheduling for next quarter that I have hardly any free time. Also, does anyone know why my blogger feed only shows like 10 blogs!? It used to scroll through them all, but not lately :l
However, the main, more important part of this post that I am asking for YOUR help on is in regard to my 21st birthday coming up!! I am SO very excited!
So far I plan to do a dinner with my close friends and everyone I know that is still not 21, and then hit the bars!
So far, I have bought a lovely silver, strapless dress (& I am in love!)
I told one of my BFs that I didn't want to look too "prom" and she said, "girl, it's your birthday! you can look however you want"!! I definitely took in that advice and feel so much better!
My dress looks similiar to this:
 Bryce Dallas Howard at the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios in Los Angeles, California on June 14, 2010.
Well actually-- my dress is more silver with a silky material. Also, it is not AS tight as this, but is strapless and has some sort of puffy design like this dress. Also, it has a lovely print (reminds me of leopard)!
I need to know how to accesorize/ what shoes to wear!?
Thus far, I was thinking about wearing these rhinestone, silver shoes I actually did wear for prom one year. I haven't tried them with the dress yet so am not completely sure.
Also, I am thinking of wearing earrings like this:
Silver Rhinestone Hoop...
Not too big, not too small.
Also, I am thinking that I may have a "birthday girl" sash/ crown and maybe I could play up the accesories/ shoes with that!? Lots of them have hot pink of them, so I was thinking I could get hot pink shoes?
UGH I just don't know so please ladies (or guys too) let me know YOUR feedback :)

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  1. Princeton review ftw! I took the LSAT as well :)