Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lucky Magazine, Lucky Me!

I am absolutely obsessed with magazines!

Well.. I was just on & saw that they were offering a year subscription for 1 year for only $7.97 or something ridiculous like that! (yes, if you hurry it may still be there).

Well after impulsively buying magazines at the grocery store, only more recently realizing that I buy a magazine for $4.00, when I could do subscriptions and get them EVERY month (& I do LOVE to get mail); a subscription is definitely the way to go!
In fact, I even considered buying an IPad in order to save costs on magazines in the long-run (I believe that they offer magazine issues for 99 cents or something) and then I could end up saving money and the IPad would end up paying for itself! Well.. I found out that the IPad required monthly wireless internet payments as well as a hefty $800.00 or so price tag! Nuts! I know they just came out with the IPad II, so maybe eventually I will be able to afford an IPad and figure out the logistics of purchasing magazines on one.
Until then, my lovely Lucky year-long Magazine subscription will do just fine :)

Diane Kruger Covers Lucky Magazine

Do you all have a magazine obsession like me? Which are your favorites?

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  1. Vanity Fair and The Economist. I'm such a nerd! P.S love your blog!