Friday, September 24, 2010

My First Post: This or That

Hey everyone! I am so excited to start this blog and want you all to be able to learn a little bit about me and my fashion and beauty style through this post! Feel free to copy and paste your answers in the comments section because I would love to learn a little bit more about you as well!

blush or bronzer
Blush most definitely! Having a pink cheek always gives your face a natural, flushed glow that I adore! I also try to keep my skin a tad tan and find that I don’t need a lot of bronzer to have a glow. I do like bronzer for that tad bit of color however and think it is great as a contour!

lip gloss or lipstickLip gloss is more informal, though I love the texture and how long lipstick lasts.

eye liner or mascaraMascara for sure! They really finish up my eye makeup look. I used to wear eyeliner every day but now find myself rarely wearing any.

foundation or concealerI love concealer! It really helps to even out my skintone and cover any blemishes I may have.

neutral or color eye shadowNeutral! I like colored eye shadow, however on a day to day basis I am more into neutrals and will only play up the color shadows if I’m feelings extra adventurous or matchy-matchy for a certain day. Also, I love to do colored eye makeup for going out at night!

pressed or loose eye shadowsI like pressed eye shadows better because they don’t fall all over the face as much as loose eye shadows do.

brushes or spongesBrushes! I feel like these not only feel better on my skin, but they are much easier to clean. I don’t like using any kind of sponge (face, kitchen, cleaning, etc.) because they only collect bacteria and grime, and then when you re-use it you are simply spreading that over whatever you’re using it on, such as your face.

OPI or china glaze
Hmmm.. I have heard and feel like OPI is better quality, however I tend to use China Glaze more often and enjoy their colors more.

Long or shortShorter. I don’t like super long, though a little bit of a nail is pretty.

Acrylic or naturalI used to be a complete acrylic nail lover!! However, now that I have less time and money being a college student, I like to experiment with my natural nails.

Brights or darksI am more into bright colors overall, especially during summer! However with the fall and winter approaching, and more trendy colors being darker, I have a feeling I will be experimenting more with those.

Flower or no flowerI think flowers are super pretty, but I don’t like to pay a lot to get them done nor can I do them on my nails very well

perfume or body splash
I like both, however I think perfume is more effective.

lotion or body butterIck! Neither—I am not a lotion person at all! I am weird I know—I do love how body butters feel, however WHEN I do moisturize my body I use lotion and not body butter it seems

body wash or soapI am more of a soap girl because I feel more clean after using soap then body wash. Also, Lush has great smelling soap that gives you the scented aspect as body wash

lush or other bath companyI have recently began an obsession with lush!

jeans or sweat pants
Jeans for sure! I love jeans for any look

long sleeve of shortShort sleeves so I can layer pieces over, or take off my layers and jackets when I get warm.

dresses or skirtsBoth are equal to me I would say. Though for special occasions I prefer dresses

stripes or plaidStripes. Not only do I wear more stripes than plaid, I also think this is a popular and cute trend right now!

flip flops or sandalsI have recently started to dislike flip flops because I find that they do not provide very good protection for your feet, though I think both are cute!

scarves or hatsScarves most definitely! I hardly ever wear hats and I am overly obsessed with scarves!! I think that they can add a bit more comfort and warmth to an outfit, as well as a lot of style!

studs or dangly earringsI love how dangly earrings look, however I tend to stick with pretty studs for an everyday look.

necklaces or braceletsI love both! Though I have favorite pieces, I hardly ever consistently wear both

heels or flatsI am a tall girl and so I feel like unless it is a special occasion, heels make me look too tall and I feel weird-just my opinion for myself!
Therefore, I LOVE flats and any kind of flat shoe

cowboy boots or riding bootsI like riding boots. They are more casual and I feel like more of an everyday show- cowboy boots are super cute though!

jacket or hoodieJacket. I feel more constricted in a hoodie and they are harder to take off (messes hair and make-up up!)

forever 21 or charlotte russeForever 21. Charlotte Russe is cute too but I have more access to F21

abercombie or HollisterNeither—I went through a whole abercrombie and hollister faze in high school—and that is exactly what is was. I still think they both have some cute clothes, but I am less into labels now

saks 5th or nordstromNordstrom! Saks 5th once again is less accessible, but I love everything about Nordstrom and even if there were more Saks around, I would probably still pick Nordstrom!

curly or straight
My hair is naturally wavy and so I often just leave it like that—however I have been getting more into curling my hair. I guess I pick both, because both mean I put more effort into my look and are different looks than what I normally do

bun or ponytailProbably a looser/ messy bun. I love ponytails but find that I only do them when I workout

bobby pins or butterfly clipsBobby pins for sure! I haven’t used butterfly clips in ages!

hair spray or gelHair spray! Gel is NOT for me

long or shortLong J Short is super cute on some people, but at this time in my life I enjoy having longer hair

light or darkI have always been a blondie at heart! I think that both are great, though for my own hair I am more fit to have light hair.

side sweep bangs or full bangsIf I had to choose—side swept. I think full bangs look good on some people, but the look is not for me. I had full bangs growing up (like most girls I feel did), and that was enough for me. Also, side swept bangs are cute, but once again I am more for having no hair on my forehead--

up or downEh. I am the kind of girl who starts the day with it down and then puts it up as soon as I feel like my hair is getting in my way

Rain or shine
Shine! I am from the rainy city of Seattle and have lived here my entire life. It is for some people, but I definitely love the sun! I want to move somewhere when I graduate where I can experience sunshine year round!

Summer or winterSummer! As previously posted J

Fall or springSpring. Fall is pretty and exciting when it starts, but it gets old fast for me!

Chocolate or vanillaVanilla for most things!

East coast or west coast
I have never been to the East coast, though I love the west!
So I would have definitely have to represent the west coast! J

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