Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am IN LOVE..

Chanel Holiday 2010

I am IN LOVE with.. Chanel's Holiday 2010 Collection! As I was browsing blogs this morning I ran across this collection. My jaw literally dropped.
I am a girl that loves makeup and high fashion, though being a college student it is hard for me to fathom spending tons of money on just one lipstick for example!
For this reason, I only own one Chanel product. (It's the Tweed Rose Blush, and IS absolutely amazing.)
However, after looking at this Holiday collection, I will be sure to pick up a few items!
This collection is very pink! Pink blush, a pink (with brown) eye palette, pink lipgloss and my favorite: pink nail polish.
In my opinion, every girly-girl MUST have at least one hot pink polish in their collection, and I definitely think that Chanel's pink polish will be on my wishlist!

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I will leave you all with some LOVELY photos:
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