Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nails and some ramble

Hey everyone! I officially have 10 suscribers! Yayayayaya!! Though this may seem so little to some, it is momumental to me! It really means a lot to me that there are people out there who like to read about what I write, or look at the pictures I take- So thank  you to all of you amazing 10, and for everyone else who may stop by from time to time, thank you as well :)

So.. This post is going to be a bit pic heavy, BUT I totally think it will be worth it for your viewing pleasure ;)

So I am going to be going out in a cream lace dress, as you know from my previous post- I was debating with what color to get. I went in with the intention of getting a pop of color-- a mint green or burgandy, but I saw China Glaze's, "Retail Therapy" and just KNEW!
I will be wearing pearl earrings and this polish will match them perfectly♥

My lovely slippers from the salon--haha!

I thought I would show you my lovely make-up bag that was poking out from my bad: It is a Juicy Couture one and I LOVE it! I wanted the hand bag, but saw this and knew that it was not only cute but PRACTICAL! It is a great size and has a plastic-like inside with the Juicy Logo, so I knew my make-up wouldn't ruin it like so many of my make-up bags have been!

Well more posts to come and pictures taken (so THEY WILL be coming soon :D)

How has all of your weekends been thus far?

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  1. Your Juicy bag is so cute! :) LOVE that polish!! XX