Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forever & a Day.. (new nail post!!)

1) I know it has been nearly forever and a day since I have last post (well ok.. my last post wasn't too long ago; but my posting HAS been few and far in between
2) I am turning the big 21 at the end of the week and I am SO excited I cannot hardly wait!
3) This post is all about my new nails! Yes I am speaking about them as if they are themselves alive because well.. they are a lovely new set of acrylics!
Funny story.. I wanted acrylic nails desparately (I used to get them for years!) & I was planning on waiting. BUT, my good friend came into class and I spotted her fingers: and that was not it! They were graced with lovely white-tip acrylics with a flower--guess how much!? $20 bucks! So what did I do.. I figured, 1) well it is my birthday soon 2) I have really been wanting acrylics 3) it is cheaper than usual! & 4) I was planning to paint my nails a lovely shade of pink anyhoo and because my real nails were seriously slackin' I figured, what the heck!? (speaking of which, my boyfriend is giving up swearing for lent and it is super funny because he is not good at it! Swearing is icky but I admit, we both do it on occasion -- slap on the wrist for us!)

Anyway.. back to the fun part!
My nails against my pillows! I noticed they matched and thought I HAD to post about it!

BTW The color is OPI, "Koala Berry" --

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  1. Your acrylics aren't that long, I'm suprised, I thought people got them for the length. Lovely spring color.