Friday, January 21, 2011

Kensie Sweater

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing and instantly fell in love!? How about when you look at the price tag and all of your dreams for that item go out the window?
Well that was me when I saw the item below. However, I thought to myself, "Why not just try it on?"
After doing so, and loving it even more, I decided to put it back on the rack and walk away.. self-restraint.
Then, right after finals I went to the mall with one of my friends and told her I was thinking about purchasing this lovely, though pricey sweater for an "end of the quarter, congrats on finishing" gift to myself. Thankfully, my friend convinced me to just wait. Her reasoning however went strictly beyond the price. She thought it was kind of ugly! haha
Anyway.. while stalking the Nordstrom website, as I often do, I saw this lovely piece on sale for 40% off!! I was beyond ecstatic!!
I placed my order and received it in the mail the other day!

Sweater seen on Hillary Duff! I love her outfit and definitely would love to own her Alexander Wang bag! :)

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