Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Outfit Inspiration

I find that I get outfit inspiration from the people around me. Although I love looking at magazines and high fashion girls on blogs, and though I think that subconsciously I pick up some of the fantastic taste and style; realistically, high fashion is so darn expensive and often so unpractical for everyday wear [I love to LOOK, but I am a college student where I would rather not stand out THAT much ;)]
Anyway.. so today during class I actually got to be surrounded with many girls that, well.. were super fashionable! At my school, most of the clothing style is very unique, however it is a hipster, goodwill store style. Although I have nothing against this style, for I think everyone is entitled to their own style and whatever makes them feel good in their skin, great, however, it is just not MY style. Yesterday, when I started my quarter, the class I had consisted of primarily girls, however their style was simply not me and the pieces were not me either.

This is why today when I found girls wearing so many adorable pieces, I was so excited!
Today not only in class did I see some fabulous outfits, while walking out of the building I was in I saw a simple, yet adorable outfit!!
This is the inspiration for this post--
She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt, fur vest (I am hoping it was faux!), black skinny jeans, and adorable black Chanel flats (the ones she was wearing are pasted below)
Also, she had a cute, small black crossbody bag, though I didn't catch the brand or exact style :l
How cute are these shoes!!?? I want!!!!
But for the steep price tag of a minimum of $500 (EBAY), I won't be seeing them on my feet anytime soon :l Any ideas where I can get them for cheaper!? I don't understand how this girl could afford such lovely & luxurious shoes when she too is a college student!


  1. This is a neat idea for a post. :) I love the crossbody bag- super functional!


  2. Such cute stuff! Im sure you can find a cheaper version of the shoes!