Sunday, January 16, 2011

This or That: Watch Style

Since I can remember, I have wanted a Marc Jacobs watch. Years ago when this became a lust of mine, I thought to myself, "well, this is such an expensive item, and would it really be a timeless piece to purchase?"
Now probably about, at least 10 years later, I think it would have been an investment years ago.
However, I have finally decided that I may just purchase the watch [or receive it for an upcoming birthday present ;)], however I am not sure which color: gold or silver, to get.
This is where I need your help!
I intend to wear this watch often, however not everyday. Also, I feel like I like silver for jewelry more, but I am always wearing gold! The one ring I wear everyday is silver, however when I add more statement pieces, those are gold. I also tend to wear silver earrings more.
I know that mixing metal is cute, (I've always been a fan), however I really want to purchase a watch that will stay consistent and look cute with the majority of my outfits.
Overall, looking at these watches, I would love to pair it with bangles.
Also, I feel like the gold is prettier, but maybe the silver is more practical!?
I simply don't know.. and that is why I would LOVE your advice!!


  1. Silver can be more practical, but gold is more elegant. And gold is really in right now. If you do wear gold on a regular basis I say go for the gold since it most likely will go with other jewelry. And mixing metals is also in right now, and can look really nice!

    Is wearing gold a newer thing or have you just always loved yellow gold?

    Which one were you originally lusting after years ago?

    It is a hard choice because they are both amazing! I love them both...can you get both?! haha...

    Sorry for the long comment...Go with your gut!

  2. You are going to want to mix and match with the Gold option much more. The silver is too beautiful by itself to match with anything except a light unnoticeable silver bangle. This is just my opinion! BUt I love both options :)

    xoxo, Jewelry Fashionista!