Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prom Season

So for you lovely ladies (and gents) in high school.. prom season is beginning!
Although I am no longer in high school, I can still remember the excitement/stress/fun/etc. that came along with it.
My most favorite part was definitely the dressing up in a beautiful gown and having my hair and make-up done!

I ran across this picture:
Wouldn't this be a cute, though abnoxious-to-take-off way to be asked?

& even though I am no longer in high school.. I also just had to do a scene for acting and it involved the prom! Funny, huh?

Well.. I want to know: What will you be wearing for prom this year!? If you have already been, what was your favorite memory/ what did YOU where?

p.s. I may post some dresses/looks I think would be cute for Prom, so stay posted :)

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